Detox Water | 4 Summer Recipes

detox water recette été

Summer is coming at a fast pace, with its usual heat wave ! You probably already know that in those situations, it’s vital to listen to your body, to hydrate properly and to cool down as much as you can to fight the rising temperatures and compensate the water loss.
I’m not the kind of person who drinks a lot of fluids, and even less water, because I need to get high on sugar and I also need tasty things, so I always go for soft drinks and juices ! But, when it’s over 35°C, the only good thing for your body is fresh water indeed ! So I found the perfect compromise for people like me, combining great hydration and a fresh taste : Detox Water !
Detox Water is really not a complicated thing : it’s ice cold mineral water with a few ice cubes and mostly pieces of fresh fruits.
Now, I would like you to know that nothing has been proven detox-wise, but the brewed fruits attributes are still there, like antioxydants for instance ! The main interest of detox water is to make you drink more water with a nice funky taste !

The following recipe is always the same for the 4 different Detox Water I tried out and approved just for you, just pick out the ingredients that call out to you !!

Detox Water in 3 minutes :

– Rince your ingredients with clear water to avoid impurities, and try using unsprayed products.
Cut it all in rough pieces, you can keep the peel, it won’t change a thing.
Place the ingredients at the bottom of your container (a pitcher or directly inside your glass) with a few ice cubes. You can also add various herbs, like fresh mint, basil, thyme, rosemary or sage, if you like the taste !
Pour mineral (it’s better) water, fizzy or still to your likings, on the fruits.
– Keep it in the fridge for at least one hour, 2 or 3 hours is best, or over night.

Enjoy it super fresh !

Here are some associations I tried and I would recommand you. I can assure you that you can clearly recognize all the taste of the ingredients once you drink it !


Strawberry / Cucumber / Fresh Mint Detox Water

detox water recette été fraise concombre


Lemon / Kiwi Detox Water

detox water recette été kiwi citron


Lime / Ginger / Fresh Mint (or Basil) Detox Water

detox water recette été citron gingembre menthe


Strawberry / Golden Apple Detox Water

detox water recette été fraise pomme


Of course, all these recipes are just ideas I like, you can adapt with pretty much any fruits you’d like, with more or less ingredients
Also, note that nothing is spoiled because you can still eat the pieces of fruits once your glass is empty ! They don’t have the same consistancy, but they’re still completely edible 🙂

detox water recette été

I hope you’ll try these extra fresh recipes  this summer ! Feel free to tell me what you thought about these Detox Water, or to give me your personnal recipes if you have some, I would love to try some new ones !

xx lily

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  1. Ines Friday June 17th, 2016

    Merci pour vos idées et surtout pour les conseils sur les fruits et les herbes.
    Même si le soleil n’est pas très présent pour le moment rien de tel qu’un peu de detox


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