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Every fashion blogger will tell you : the hardest part about the job is to find the perfect spot for the pictures. You need a spot that’s not too fussy, not too busy, not too sunny, not too clashy with your outfit… This seems stupid but once you’ve photographed in every obvious place you can think of, it gets pretty hard.
Everytime I go outside, I surprise myself trying to find hidden spots just around a small street or an alley that I record somewhere in my brain for next time, or even for an outfit I have in mind that will match the place.
Sometimes, I have no idea where to go, so we just go with my boyfriend and my Joey boy, we ramble by instinct in my neighbourhood until we find THE spot. Usually it’s Alban that finds it, he’s starting to be able to know in advance if the place will look fine or not on pictures.
Just like this school for instance, we just never noticed it while it’s a five minute walk away from our place. Alban saw the large front area, the red bricks and lovely tree barks ! No need to look further, we just stopped and shot !
It’s funny, because of all this, we end up knowing about all those amazing little nooks and spots in our neighbourhood, small pastel painted dead ends or flowery yards, parks backs and all those lovely places that you won’t usually notice but my eyes can now see instantly.
Eh, blogging’s hard ! But as long as you like the look and pictures as much as I do, I’m just happy as can be !

spot on fancy lily spot on fancy lily spot on fancy lily spot on fancy lily spot on fancy lily spot on fancy lily spot on fancy lily spot on fancy lily spot on fancy lily

Top : SheIn (gift)
Jeans : Zara (seen here and there)
Glasses : Mango
Bracelet : Vintage
Shoes : Miista

Photos : Alban

spot on fancy lily

It will be easier for me next week though, I’m lucky to leave Paris for the South of France on Wednesday for a few weeks that I’m sure will be awesome, and you can find awesome places to shoot everywhere over there ! The blog should keep its regular paste (no rest for the wicked) and you can follow my Mediterranean adventures on my social media and mostly on my Instagram, so feel free to follow ! :)

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

London Haul // Urban Outfitters | Boots | PaperChase

Zara Top | Urban Outfitters Necklaces

If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably know that two weeks ago I took an express trip to London with Margot from YouMakeFashion and two of her readers, who were, like me, lucky enough to be invited to share this day with her across the English Channel. With us, lovely Amélia from Nymphea’s Factory and very cool LexieBlush who met us for lunch ! An all girls day full of amazing encounters around a nice program and of course, a bit of shopping made it complete !!!! I brought some stuff home with me, the perfect occasion to make this London Haul and show you all of this !

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

(Français) St Jean De Luz

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I think we all had at one point the irrepressible need to buy something without even knowing why, whether it’s clothes, home decorations, beauty products or basically anything we can noy buy in this dear consumer society of ours.
For instance, let’s take this top I bought a few months ago with “St Jean de Luz” written on it.
Every god damn time I wear it, there’s always someone here going like “Ooooh, St Jean de Luz ! What a lovely city ! I love it, blablabla, just listen to all my childhood memories I made while I was there, and so on…”
And every god damn time, I just answer “Yeah, I heard it’s a lovely place ! But I don’t know, I’ve never been there…”
Complete perplexity.
Why did I buy a top with a big fat red “St Jean de Luz” embroidery, like a moving commercial or a chauvinistic personnal pride, if I NEVER EVER EVER set foot in St Jean De Luz, or in the Basque coast for that matter…
There you go, it’s just irrepressible, you just don’t know why.
I just can’t tell your why, I just find it’s pretty and cool, and the story makes me laugh (yeah I don’t need much), and I think that top would say “Châteauvieux les Fossés” I would still love it !
Good news is, I might go through St Jean de Luz this summer, so I’ll look less stupid next time ;)

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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