… But not too much !
Monochromatic outfit, jogging & sneakers… If it wasn’t for the blazer, you’d think I was doing my weekly sport session.
However, if there’s one thing that I actually hate in life, it’s sports. I just really really hate it ! It’s not that I don’t want to try, I just can’t, no matter what I try. And well, actually I might not want to try that hard, I admit ! Motivation level is close to 0.
I do ski and go horseback riding though, but I don’t picture these as a sporty activity, more like a fun hobby that gets you a few muscle aches, but nothing too serious.
SO basically, joggings and sneakers sounds way more like a comfy sunday outfit than going out to do some sports !!!!
And actually, here it’s just for the show, because it’s not even real jogging pants but some kind of suit pants that would probably crack and let everyone see my buttcrack if I started jogging with it !
Althoug, I really do like that sporty chic feel it gets, both sporty and casual chic (god do I hate these words…) you could almost believe I’m just a bit of a sporty girl ! Would you ?!

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

A Day at the Foire de Chatou.

foire de chatou

You might know it by now, I’m an experienced antique hunter since I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years now. Almost all of my weekends include a nice little tour in a random flea market, so my flat is filled with amazing objects I found in various markets.
I just love to stroll around, even if I can’t find anything to buy, at least I would have had a nice walk, discovered some pretty cool objects and met some nice people.

And if there’s one that I won’t ever miss, it’s definetely the Foire de Chatou, which I already told you about in this home decor hall. I promised you an article about the fair on my Instagram last saturday so, here it is :)
As a point of interest, the Foire de Chatou has been existing since the 70s, and takes place twice a year during April and September, on the Ile des Impressionnistes in Chatou, 20 minutes away from Paris by car (but also reachable by public transportation !). The place is really nice (it’s not called “Ile des Impressionnistes” for nothing, it was the place where painters used to meet in the XIXe century to paint the banks of the Seine and the lovely sunsets) and the fair is absolutely huge : it welcomes about 500 exhibitors on almost 4 hectares ! With that, you’re sure to make some nice discoveries !

What I love the most about the Foire de Chatou, is that there’s absolutely everything you need right over there. The stalls are various, you’ll find real antiques, jewels, paintings, furnitures of every styles, lots of various curiosities (what I love the most), so you’re pretty sure you’ll find something you like no matter what. There’s also a few “restaurants” with products from the land, and stalls where you can buy ham, cheese, sausage and lots of delicious food brought by all kinds of artisans from all corners of France. You will also find an auctioneer that will be able to give you the value of every objects you already own or want to buy and help you decide what to do !
The island becomes a huge parking lot for the duration of the fair (10 days) so you can park anywhere, and there’s a small train that does the circuit to avoid people that are parked too far from the fair to walk, and there’s also a valet service ! So yeah, basically you’ll have everything you need to spend a lovely afternoon and discover all the wonders exposed there, and maybe even bring something home with you !

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Poor Lonesome Cowboy.

full outfit

You should know it by now, I’ve got plenty of weird obsessions, including cowboys and sailors.
You cannot get anything more opposed than this. But that’s just the way it is, it’s like my masculine ideals and I love absolutely everything that is close to these two universes.
And I recently figured out that these obsessions completely influences the way I dress. For the marine side, you know how it goes, I’m always wearing breton stripes. For the cowboy side, I love big hats, ethnical details, boots, leather, big flannel shirts and all those little things I’m trying not to put alltogether just so people don’t see me as the crazy cowboy lady. I’m trying to add some subtle details that can transform a total look into a casual modern cowboy outfit, just like I did here.

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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