Winter is really not my thing. I really love snow, I really love Christmas, I really love the spirit around it, a good cup of tea in bed and all this, but I would really love winter more if it did not come with cold.
These pictures were taken when life was still going round for all of us, when it was still some kind of warm outside, when you could take a Refresha at Starbucks without getting your fingers frozen on it, when there still was some sun to get our spirits up and when the day lasted at least as long as the night. So let’s just say right now I’m kind of shivering in front of my computer just looking at my bare ankles, my chucks and my scarfless neck…
Actually, in winter I get so cold I come to that point where I don’t even care about the way I dress. I’d rather be hot than stylish, or at least be less cold. Well, actually it’s not that true, only when I know I have to spend an hour outside throwing the ball and waiting for Joey to smell all of the pees from the neighborhood, and that I perfectly know I’ll come across about 36 muddy dogs who’re gonna jump on me to say hi. So, I’ll promise outfits will keep coming this winter, and I’ll also try to stay positive and concentrate on the good things winter brings us, so I’m currently making articles on christmas and winter and all this ! By the way, if you have any ideas, things you want to talk about, feel free to tell me !

hiver hiver hiverhiver hiver hiver hiver

Coat : Zara
Shirt : Zara (seen here)
Jeans : Zara
Sneakers : Converse (seen here & there)

Photos : Alban


Anyway, I hope you liked this outfit and warmed your spirits a bit, and stay tuned for my special winter articles !

xx lily

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(Français) Ma Wishlist de Noël.

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I guess you can never really change yourself. If you’ve been following me since the very beginning, you probably remember I only wore colorful clothes. At this point in my life, I could basically defy anyone to find just a single black piece in my closet, I knew I’d win. I actually think I did not even own a pair of black socks, that is to say. I only swore by one thing : blue. Not that it was my favorite color or anything, but you must admit blue just goes with everything.
And then one day I felt like wearing black. And I started buying only black and grey pieces. At that time, I was wearing mostly black and monochromatic outfits. Bye bye blue and colors.
But the leopard cannot change its spots right ?
When I see this very blue outfit, I realise that no, you’ll never be able to change old habits. You can evolve that’s for sure, more or less maybe, but these little things that define who you are will always stay !
Now, I’m wearing blue again, and I still wear black or grey. I even wear pink, and if you’d ask my 15 years old self, that would have NEVER been possible.
I’m like a rainbow.

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