10 Facts About Joey.


A very special post today since I’ll be introducing you to my lovely Joey boy in due form with 10 facts about him !
Well yes, my dog is a big part of my life, he’s almost always by my side, I get quite a lot of questions about him and it’s a subject I want to develop around here : advices, tricks and tips, accessories selections, all these little things I went looking for when I adopted my puppy and I felt like sharing with the lucky dog owners !
And even if you don’t own any dog and are not planning on getting one, you still see Joey every week around here, he is very present on my  Instagram (find all his pics on #joeythesheltie) and it’s been over a year since he’s been in my life and my heart ! I’ve learnt to know him and got lots of funny archives about this little fluff ball and I wanted to share them with you, hoping it’ll make you laugh as much as it makes me laugh !
And I thought of you none-french readers this time, you can find all the facts written right under so you can understand it all, with a few bonus pictures !!!!

baby-joeyFact N°1 : Joey was born on May 6th 2014 at a breeder near Paris, France. He lived his very first few weeks at his breeder’s place with Persian cats, Pomeranian dogs and Shelties, so he grew up with cats ! Today he’s turning 15 months old ! That pic right above was taken by his breeder, he was barely 6 weeks old !

joey-isisangelFact N°2 : His mommy is a merle blue Shetland Sheepdog named Isis, and his daddy is also a merle blue Shetland Sheepdog named I’m The King Of The World on papers, but people call him Angel for short ! His mom was pretty young when she had him, she was 15 months old, just like him today !

joey-full joey-01 baby-joey-lbcFact N°3 : Joey is a Shetland Sheepdog or “Sheltie”, a scottish breed still pretty rare in France, people often think he’s “Dwarf Colley” because Shelties look like their Colley cousins. His color is very rare, very few puppies are born like this, unlike his parents he is what we call bi-blue or bicolore blue and doesn’t have any red marks on his face. He also has brown eyes with a little blue inside, they’re not wall-eyes though, it’s mixed. The picture right above was the very first picture we saw of him as it was the one on his adoption ad.

joey-11Fact N°4 : Joey was born in 2014, and in France purebred baby animals are named with the same first letter each year, this year was “J”. We were lucky enough to be able to choose his name, but J was not so easy. And then we decided on Joey as we are crazy about Friends and my step-brother’s cat is named Fibi after Phoebe from Friends, so it all went perfectly for him !

joey joey-09 joey-14Fact N°5 : Joey first came to our place on July 12th, 2014 at 9 weeks old. He immediatly adapted, even though he only knew about the countryside and suddenly was in the middle of the city, he was never afraid of anything. Two days after he got home, we had Bastille Day in France and we live very close by the Eiffel Tower from where all the fireworks are being fired and he slept the whole time through. He was house broke at 4 months old. And even if he had been a terrible puppy, we just could never have been mad with such a cute puppy face… These are the pics from the day he got home !

joey-11mojoey-faceFact N°6 : Joey has like 10 000 nicknames. Well, I give him 10 000 nicknames… He has the very usual Joe & Jojo, but I also call him with anything that comes across my mind : jackal, firefly, paupiette, chouquette, zebra, baby rat, puppy… and many more. What’s pretty hilarious about this is that when we’re on our walk and that I call him from afar, people who have not seen him just don’t understand why I start yelling “C’MOOOON BABY RAT LET’S GO !”…

joey-16 joey-alban joey-me joeandmeFact N°7 : About his personnality, Joey is a real sheepdog. He needs his masters, but he knows his place. He’s not a very affectionate dog but needs to be around us. He’s very suspicious at first when he doesn’t know someone, but once he knows you, he’ll give you the most enthusiastic welcome ! With dogs, he’s the best because I’ve been socializing him since he was a baby, so he just loves every pup : male or female, big or tiny, young or old… he just wants to play with his furry friends !

joey-plage joey-montagneFact N°8 : Joey lives for food. He only has this on his mind. This is where he’s so close from Joey from Friends : “JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD !”, for those who know ! Impossible to explain if you don’t see the insert on my video, he’s a real begger !

joey-face2 Fact N°9 : Joey has one ennemy : ambulances and police cars sirens. Every time there’s one passing on the street (or even if he hears one from home) he starts howling like a wolf and running after the vehicule, which is very amusing for people around !

full6 joey-derpFact N°10 : Joey is a very very intelligent dog. I trained him myself, and right now he knows over thirty differents tricks and orders (there will soon be a video with all his tricks to complete the parts you can see on the video above) but he’s far from being flawless and like every dog, he can mess around, like this time we left him home alone for two hours and he managed to catch the bottom of the paper bag where we throw away all the recyclables and destroyed every single little piece of what was inside before spreading everything on the kicthen floor !

Here you go, now you know about my Joey, even though I could talk hours more about him… I hope you enjoyed it all, and we’ll be back soon for some furry news ! Licks and kisses !

xx lily

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  1. Sarah Friday August 7th, 2015

    Très joli article sur ta boule de poils! Je vois que je ne suis pas la seule à lui donner un nombre incroyable de noms différents: zozo, poil au dos, le poilu, asticot, … il est vraiment beau ton chien!

  2. StephanieMaD Saturday August 8th, 2015

    Hahaha ça ma bien fait rire.
    Il est vraiment trop mignon ^^.
    Je donne autant de surnom a mon chien genre fillou, bibi, didi …
    Et le mien est pareil avec la bouffe xD c’est un vrai glouton xD.
    En revanche niveau écoute c’est pas trop ça mais bon on y travail ^^.
    En tout cas super video et article sur ta petite boule de poil j’ai adoré 🙂


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