Some times ago I started realizing something strange was happening to me : I started developping a passion for all things pink. Although, I have always been telling to whoever might want to listen to me that pink and me were just NOT friends. No, me, I like blue, I like grey, I like yellow… I have always been kind of a tomboy and pretty much anti-everything-girly so, no, I definetely could not be linking pink. And yet, after the pink wall and the pink sweater, here is the pink coat. And not just a little pink !!!
But when I saw it on the Mango webshop, my heart actually melted right there. It had been a while since I had such a huge crush on anything. Especially on something pink. But now I can say my crush has become an actual love story as I won’t stop wearing it. It even brought me a new nickname : Barbapapa (a french cartoon character, it means “cotton candy” in French !) And I must say I actually like it !
Guess I must be wise, because you know what they say about fools never changing their minds !

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Coat : Mango
Jumper : Chicwish
Jeans : Primark (seen here & there)
Hat : H&M
Bag : Primark (seen here)
Bag Charm : H&M
Boots : Pistol Acne (seen here & there)
Lipstick : Rouge Coco N°448 Elise Chanel

Photos : Elodie


Have you seen how I pushed it a little further by applying a matching pink lipstick to the whole outfit ?! Anyway, I hope you guys like it ! Have a lovely week guys !

xx lily

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  1. Ann'so M Monday April 11th, 2016

    Très joli !
    Ann’so M

  2. Le Monde selon Claire Monday April 11th, 2016

    Ce manteau est superbe !


  3. Tract :) Thursday April 14th, 2016

    J’adore le rose!! Je suis fan de ton look!! *_* ta veste est trop jolie! 😀


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