Checks, Checked, Checkers.


I hope you guys enjoy checkered patterns and print mixing because you’ll sure going to be served with this outfit…
After striped pieces, I think my favorite pattern is checkers and tartan. But then again, checkers are just stripes criss-crossing so it does seems fair to say that…
I did already show you these pants here but I really wanted to show it to you guys again before the end of sales (because it’s on sale of course) ! I perfectly remember when I saw it fo the first time a few months ago, I rarely buy things at Uniqlo but when I saw these pants in the shop window I knew I had to go buy it, it’s so perfect for me : I love the shape, the fabric, the pattern and I’ve been wearing it quite often since then, even though it’s not been around much on the blog, but here goes 🙂

carreaux full carreaux full demi carreaux full3 full2 pants full5 carreaux

Coat : Primark
Jumper : Topshop (seen here)
Pants : Uniqlo (seen here)
Scarf : Vintage
Socks : & Other Stories (seen here)
Sneakers : Stan Smith Adidas (seen here & there)

Photos : Alban


Sadly, I can’t tell you more about the coat since I bought it last year from Primark, and the scarf belonged to my boyfriend when he was in highschool so I won’t be much of a help if you want to find it though…

xx lily

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  1. deltreylicious Monday January 25th, 2016

    J’adore le manteau !

  2. Tiphaine Monday January 25th, 2016

    J’adore ce look ! Le pantalon est trop canon !!


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