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I sometimes spend entire weeks discovering new things and doing little things that would be difficult to include in a dedicated article but that are still worth talking about around here ! So I decided to upon up a new section where I’ll be sharing 5 of the little things that made my week awesome and that could actually make yours awesome too ! So here it is for this week ! Enjoy 🙂

cette semaine j'ai... amsterdamPic by Travel Me Happy

… Booked my trip to Amsterdam. It will be my very first time there ! Alban knows it pretty well as he lived in Holland for a few years though. So we are leaving for 4 days during May to discover that charming city. Joey will be with us of course, but also my step brother and his girlfriend to spend quality time all together, I can’t wait ! We booked an nice Air Bnb flat and I’m trying to plan the trip with the good spots from Travel Me Happy & from my friend Elodie but I’m very open if you know of any good places to see there , let me know !


cette semaine j'ai... chez jean claudePic by Elodie & moi.

… Had lunch at Jean Claude, on  Vandamme street (Paris 14) with my friend Elodie ! It was a pleasant discovery in a nice Parisian neighborhood ! If you’re looking for a beautiful place with a laid back atmosphere that serves delicious french and seasonal cuisine, I’d definetely recommand it ! You can have a nice lunch at noon or have a few drinks around a plancha at night ! I ordered the veggie & light salad and their mint and chocolat pie, and it was delicious !


cette semaine j'ai... pressday balsamik

… Discovered and adored the new AW16 Balsamik collection ! You’ll be finding lots of beautiful basic pieces at really fair prices, a selection of jumpers each one looking more comfy than the other, coats to die for in all different shapes and colors and a collection of perfect shoes (that looks like they’re the most comfortable ever…) ! And I left that press day with a beautiful scarf and tote bag for this summer, which is so awesome !


cette semaine j'ai... bowl

… Yield to the bowl trend ! One of my new year’s resolution was to eat healthier and I kept on drooling over all of those colorful and delicious looking bowls on Instagram, so I ended up trying and I loved it ! I made mine with greek yoghurt, coconut sugar, half a kiwi, chia seeds and oatmeel, it was perfect ! I’ll be back with a few recipes if you want 🙂


cette semaine j'ai... deadpool

…Finally watched Deadpool ! I’m a huge comic fan and I particularly love the Marvel universe, I love Deadpool’s character and couldn’t wait to see if the movie would hand out justice to the character. And I was so not disappointed ! Ryan Reynolds was absolutely perfect in this role (which is something I feared a lot as I don’t like him too much and HATED the movie Green Lantern), the movie is gory just like it should be, I laughed my ass off during the entire time and I did not get bored once (I get bored really easily watching movies), so it was a real success that I’d definetely recommand to anyone !


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