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The more I think about it and the more I like that new section I opened here last week where I share with you 5 things that happened during my week that actually made it better, so here is the second one, hoping you’ll discover a few things there !

cette semaine resto in burger… Had a delicious burger from La Table des Frangins delivered directly at home thanks to Resto In. The burgers are generous and actually delicious with a strong taste of refined cheddar cheese and quality well-cooked meat. They are also served with delicious home made fries and I can tell you that I NEVER ever eat the fries with the burgers, even when they’re home made, but here they were just so delicious I had to eat them ! I also really loved the packaging ! It was just perfect for that night of culinary laziness !

cette semaine parfums caron… Discovered and adored the Caron perfumes world. I did not know this centenary french perfume house and got to discover it all thanks to Jennifer who is in charge of their blogger’s relationship. From the whole story of the hourse to the polished aesthetic of their parisian shops, including the unlimited passion of the people who work there, the desire to carry on with a traditionnal savoir faire and of course the unique and divine smells of all of their juice, their whole universe is an actual gem that I was thrilled to discover. I even got to choose one of the perfume and decided upon one of their best seller, Délire de Roses (Roses Delirium). I’ll tell you a lot more about it all in an article very very soon !

cette semaine joey anniversaire… Celebrated Joey’s second birthday ! Already ! Time flies so fast with that little nugget that utterly changed my life in a way I would have never imagined ! For as far as I can remember, I always wanted to get a dog but today I don’t regret waiting for the right time to get one and I’m so glad he came into my life and made my days a lot more brighter !  And for the special occasion, I got him his very own Instragram account so you can follow all of his crazy adventures on @JoeyTheFancySheltie !

cette semaine polette lunettes… Received my e-Polette, anti blue light glasses to protect your eyes from all kind of screens. I think it’s pretty much the main invention of 2016 and everyone will end up getting a pair. And for a freelancer like myself that spends my entire days on my computer or on my cellphone, it seemed compulsory. I got mine from my favorite online glasses maker,  L’Usine à Lunettes, and went for the Dean, a retro model I really love. I’m starting to test them out and will let you know what I think about them around here in a month or so !

cette semaine vacances… Went on vacations ! And I absolutely needed to do so ! On the programme, we are first heading to Bordeaux for two short days with my grand parents on my father’s side, then we drive across France to spend three days in Savoy at my step parents place. Then we head back to Paris for two nights and live again to spend 4 days in Amsterdam ! The whole thing with our car and with Joey of course ! That makes a lot of car time, but also a lot of countryside, of fresh air and people we love ! Don’t worry though, I’m not abandonning you (here’s the proof), I’ve got a few articles plans !

On that wise words, I’ll go back to doing nothing just lying in the grass ! Love you guys !

xx lily

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