Converse Story.


Between age 13 and 18, I only wore Converse.
In highschool, I had a pair of classic high top black Converse. I wore them every single day, to my mother’s great dismay. I’ve worn them to a thread, like pretty much all of my beloved clothes. They were holed everywhere, and I kept on wearing them, with my toe hanging outside from the rubber front. I just couldn’t to throw them away.
Right before, in junior high, I had two pairs of Converse : one turquoise blue, and the other sky blue. I wore them in a turnover, and I sometimes wore one foot with the other so I had different shades of blue on each foot. With orange or pink socks.
Thinking about this now makes me wonder how did I dare to go out wearing this, despite my extreme shyness back then. I had such an experimental style, I wore above the knee green and purple striped socks, short sleeved t-shirt above long sleeved ones, suspenders, berets, mits, all kind of weird things (true facts, I have pictures I’ll show you one day !).
It’s funny how we change in life. Growing up I managed to open up, I’m not shy anymore, but I would never dare to go out weirdly dressed out like I did a few years ago, except maybe on Carnival’s day. But really, “weirdly” is only in your head. Back then, I thought it was pretty much normal to dress this way I didn’t even think about it. Just like today, I’m not thinking about going out wearing shorts, a sweater, glitter socks and new Converse, white and low this time, the logical consequence of my personnal evolution ! In a year time, I’ll probably check this outfit out wondering “but why ?!”.
But today, I felt like wearing this, and I like it, so that’s what matters. Although, it would be nice if you liked it too ! 😉


Sweater : Choies (gift)
Shorts : H&M
Headphones : WeSC
iPhone Case : Zara
Socks : & Other Stories
Sneakers : Converse Chuck Taylor

Photos : Alban


Do you wear Converse too ?! It’s funny how these shoes are completely appreciated by all generations. We can see fifty, forty, thirty and twenty something people wearing them casually. They’re so comfy and there’s so many different styles available, makes it easier ! Anyway, I hope I’ll be wearing them for quite a long time 🙂

xx lily

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