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If you’re not living inside a cave under the ocean, you probably know that this Sunday February 14th the whole world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day !
It’s like really really hard not to know about Valentine’s Day, which is probably the most controversial celebration of the year : some of us have a valentine, some of us don’t; some find it cute, some find it stupid, some find it too commercial… Let’s face it, everyone has their own opinion regarding Valentine’s Day !
So, for this 2016 Valentine’s Day, I felt like reconciling everyone with a DIY everybody should like : it’s cute, quick and super easy to make (even you guys can do it !), super cheap (5$ tops), completely customizable and will suit both boys and girls… With all that, I’m pretty sure even the biggest Valentine’s Day sceptics will like this Valentine’s Day DIY !

You can find all the steps in the following video ! 🙂

st valentin st valentinAlban wears a Samsoe Samsoe shirt | I wear an H&M top
Princesse Tam Tam Lingerie ensemble  Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet perfume | Chanel Rouge Coco N°448 Elise lipstick

I decided to make 14 little notes in each balloon as a reminder of Valentine’s Day but you can use as many as you like of course, although consider that it is a bit fastidious to insert them inside the balloons ! One of the balloon contains “what I love about you” notes where you can write all the reasons you love him/her. The second one contains little coupons which is an idea I adore because you can truly adapt it to your couple too !

Here is a few ideas for your coupons I used in this DIY if you’re not feeling very inspired :
– Free kiss coupon
– Free hug coupon
– Bubble bath for 2 coupon
– Massage coupon
– Crazy love night coupon
– Candle light dinner coupon
– Breakfast in bed coupon
– A nice restaurant coupon
– A movie together coupon
– JOKER coupon (your valentine can ask you anything !)


Feel free to show me your own creations through social media, I would love to discover all that and I hope you and your valentine will love it ! Have a lovely Valentine’s day y’all <3

xx lily

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