Matter of Comfort.

le confort fancy lily

I never liked that saying “Beauty is pain !”, I just don’t get how some girls can work from 9am to 6pm plus an hour ride in the subway all day every day wearing a pencil-skirt up high on 12cm heels (but I do respect them, like a lot !).
I am the kind of girl who looooooooves comfort like crazy : I like flats, cotton and loose cuts… It took me a while to get this though, when I was younger I used to buy whatever looked cool to me without worrying about comfort, until I realised it was just impossible to wear more than 10min and it ended up in a box in the cellar. So yeah, it was pretty, but I just couldn’t enjoy it anyway.
So now, I only buy things that look cool to me of course, but that also feels very comfortable. Even heels, sometimes, rarely, but it has to be wearable, not too high. I think I’m the only gal in the world that does not own a pair of stilettos in her closet… (if not, please let me know so I’ll feel less lonely and weird !). The final goal being, as you probably understood, to adapt the level of comfort of my daily outfits to my level of motivation of the day. I do admit that it sounds a little crazy, though.
The problem with this system was that on the days my motivation reached about -10 (and it happened way more than you think), I had absolutely no credibility saying I was working in fashion.
And then, I managed to find a perfect “absolutely-no-motivation” combo that still looked like something : a long cardi, a boyfriend shirt and a printed loose cotton pants, topped with a pair of Birkenstocks (sincerely, this has to get the golden globe of comfiness… Ô joy, peace and love !
But that was BEFORE Joey decided it would be fun to eat my comfy pants, the day after we took these pics, for the only reason that I left him home alone for like 10 minutes to go grocery shopping. Ô despair, sadness and hate !
So now, those days I just don’t feel like it, I just go out wearing jammies, holding my head down hoping no one will recognize me, and I dare to hope I’ll find a new pair of perfect comfy pants one day 😉

le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily le confort fancy lily

Cardi : Mango (seen here)
Shirt : Zara
Pants : FrenchTrotters
Bag : Zara Kids (seen ici)
Hat : Zara
Sunglasses : Monki (seen here & here)
Necklace : Iconic Box by Maty (seen here)
Jewels : Vintage
Sandals : Birkenstock

Photos : Alban

le confort fancy lily

What about you girls, how are you IRL ?! Are you always up high on 12cm heels and at ease like a gazelle in the savanna, or are you always wearing sneakers and still able to trip on a sidewalk ?!
Lots of kisses loves, have the best monday !

xx lily

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  1. Lily Tuesday July 14th, 2015

    Il est trop coll ce look, j’adore !

  2. missreverie Tuesday July 14th, 2015

    Your post makes me laugh especially the bit about wearing sneakers and still tripping down the sidewalk. That’s so me and I am like you in the sense that I do not wear heels and have never owned stilettos – Yay! So, we are both so NOT weird, at all. I think it’s cute that your doggie ate your comfy pants but it must be very sad for you if the pants are THAT comfy and cute. I bet you will find a new pair. Love your comfy style!! =D xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • Fancy Lily Tuesday July 14th, 2015

      Oh my God this feels so great to finally be able to imagine someone else being as clumsy as I am and especially NOT owning any pair of stilettos ! I just found new comfy pants today, so it all ends well ! Thank you for your lovely comment ! Xx

  3. Hojiwild Saturday July 18th, 2015

    Moi non plus, he n’ai pas d’escarpins! Pour être parfaitement honnête, les plus hauts talons que je possèdent font… 6cm? Et ceux-là je les porte seulement quand les circonstances appèlent au ‘business casual.’ Je ne porte même pas de ballerines, parce que je trouve ça hyper pas confortable (ma soeur, par contre, elle adore, mais c’est parce qu’elle a souffert à travers un million de cloques jusqu’à être désensibilisée des pieds… Non merci)
    Tout comme toi, ‘souffrir pour être belle’ j’ai jamais compris! J’ai découvert qu’on peut avoir un bon style, se sentir sexy et tout, tout en étant super a l’aise et confortable. Et ça c’est magique! J’aime beaucoup le look en tout cas, le gilet est superbe, tout comme le chapeau!


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