The German Tourist.

le touriste allemand look

I love this outfit, and yet I already know that it will probably be far from winning unanimous support here. I actually had it in mind for quite a while now and never tried shooting it before because I was pretty sure it was going to get criticized… Wearing socks in sandals isn’t always a big hit, but when it’s about wearing big wool socks inside Birkenstocks… I must admit I pretty much knew from the start that people tend to associate this style with German tourists rather than a parisian fashion blogger…
You should have seen my boyfriend’s face when he layed eyes on my feet that day… I thought he will never accept to walk next to me in the streets…
Despite all of that, I absolutely adore this outfit. I love it because of this little detail, but also because of its creamy colors and all those boyish pieces. So I decided to accept that it was just something I liked and went out with it. I hope you’ll share my thoughts though, and I certainly hope you won’t be taking this as a chance to give me the german tourist nickname 😉

le touriste allemand lookle touriste allemand look le touriste allemand look demi2 portrait le touriste allemand look full2 demi full bague full7

Jumper : Zara (seen here)
Jeans : Zara (seen here & there)
Hat : Stradivarius (seen here)
Socks : H&M (seen here)
Rings : & Other Stories
Sandals : Birkenstock Arizona (seen here & there)

Photos : Alban

le touriste allemand look chaussettes birkenstock

While we’re at it, I just wanted to tell you all that you should always be doing what you like and not be doing what other people would like for you. Please don’t mind other people, don’t mind what they might think about you, how they might look at you or what they might say about you behind your back. There will ALWAYS be someone to criticize what you do and your decisions, no matter what they are, so don’t stop at other people’s judgement, whether it involves your clothes, your sex life, your work or what not, you have only one life and you should live it until the very end for you and nobody else, and be happy with it 😉

xx lily

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  1. Tiphaine Tuesday March 29th, 2016

    aha j’adore le titre !! Le look est super et ce pull est canon !
    bonne journée

  2. The Creative Contente Tuesday March 29th, 2016

    Ha ha ! Le touriste allemand :p
    J’ai exactement les mêmes mais je ne les ai pas encore ressorties…
    Je louche sur leurs sabots en cuir depuis un long moment maintenant.
    Ils seront miens un jour ! 😉

    • Fancy Lily Tuesday March 29th, 2016

      Je sens que j’aurais pas du lancer l’idée du surnom ça va me poursuivre ahah !
      Perso je ne les quitte plus depuis que je les ai, je les porte chez moi et dès qu’ils commencent à faire un peu beau, ce sont de vraies chaussons ! C’est vrai que les sabots sont plutôt canon… 😀


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