The Heart of the Matter.

Le Vif du Sujet.

Greyish and tired look, tiny eyes, fading tan and temperatures cooling down at a fast pace, yes, we definetely are getting to the heart of the matter : the end of the year.
Seriously, going from the cool tempo of the holidays directly to the stress of work, it’s kinda cruel. One day you wake up a noon and just do nothing all day, the day after you wake up at dawn and stay up til dusk. And all of this is topped with the fear of days getting shorter and growing colder… Winter is around the corner, no doubt !
This year, I can particularly feel it, it’s like I have absolutely no strength to wake up in the morning, and a 10pm I’m so tired I could fall asleep standing up. I feel like a grandma. This is so stupid because I’m like 22 ! Stop it you fool, don’t become a grandma too soon !
But in the same time, I can’t wait to see all the pretty leaves turning brown, and I have so many upcoming projects, it’s almost only happiness ! I’m saying almost because as you can imagine, the unexpected is a big part of the thing. Add stress and you’ll get the reason why I’m so tired and why my face looks like this on pictures !
But anyway, as long as I can still shoot and update my blog, this means my world keeps rolling pretty right !

Le Vif du Sujet. Le Vif du Sujet. Le Vif du Sujet. Le Vif du Sujet. Le Vif du Sujet. Le Vif du Sujet. Le Vif du Sujet. Le Vif du Sujet.

Top : TopShop
Dungarees : Zara
  Jewellery : Vintage
Sandals : Birkenstock (seen here)

Photos : Alban

Le Vif du Sujet.

What about you guys, how does fall sounds to you ?! See you soon 🙂

xx lily

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  1. Gilberte By Julie Monday September 7th, 2015

    Ce look te va hyper bien ma jolie !

  2. deltreylicious Tuesday September 8th, 2015

    Super sympa ce look !

  3. Petite and So What Tuesday September 8th, 2015

    Très sympa ce look!
    Pour ma part, plutôt déprimée par ce temps et par l’automne qui arrive (même si c’est bientôt mon anniversaire!)
    Je suis plutôt bien quand c’est la canicule… Alors le froid qui arrive me désespère! Pas envie de me lever le matin, je préfère rester sous la couette 🙂
    Belle journée

    Petite and So What


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