My Summer’s Essentials.


Please, let me not be the only one that hysterical once we’ve passed this day ?!
I could almost smell the iodine and feel the sand stuck in my butt crack just thinking about it.
So, what could be better than this outfit that reunites all of my summer’s essentials, those that will definetely get inside my suitcase this August, to celebrate this holy day ? Nothing, I tell you ! Here goes.
Essential number 1 : The kimono. To be perfectly sincere with you, I would not have bet on it. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing one, but I finally gave in to this one, which made me change my mind. It’s so perfect for summer, it’s very light and so perfect for that famous little summer breeze we all know about, but you won’t fry to death if you keep it on your shoulders when the sun’s too hot.
Essential number 2 : The lace top. Is there anything better than white lace for summer ?! I mean really ?! It’s light, it’s white, it’s see-through, it’s pretty, you can put it over your bathing suit and keep working on your hairnet tan too, and if you even find yourself wondering through a golden wheat field wearing it you can actually pretend you’re shooting a First Aid Kit music video. What more could you want ?!
Essential number 3 : The boyfriend jeans. Yes, summer is not EXCLUSIVELY made out for shorts, so it’s important you have real jeans inside your suitcase. And, apart from my brother, WHO wears skinny jeans that sticks to your skin when it’s 30° outside ?! Mad people, I tell you. Boyfriend jeans are perfect in this case, for they’re super comfy, not too tight, and most of the time holed, which is important cause you can never underestimate the power of ventilation in the summer !
Essential number 4 : Leopard sandals. After 10 months rotting inside your perpetual boots and sneakers, your feet can FINALLY air out and enjoy the view of the floor ! I’ve been wanting to get myself this kind of sandals for some time now, and I’m so happy about it, my feet are too ! Only problem is that it’s a bit harder to put on than Birkenstocks. But being fashion girls and all, it’s a secret rule that we NEVER stop to the practical side of things, right ?! 😉
Essential number 5 : Accessories. It’s always important, but even more in summer, where your body is being badly treated (heat, sun, salt, all of these bad things we just love anyway…). A good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV, a small and pretty bag to carry solar protections and a bottle of water (hydrating is extra important !), and of course, some ethnic pieces of jewel you’ll obviously lost in the sand at some point and that will make you loose weight in a heartbeat while you turn all of the beach sand over in the measly hope you’ll find them one day.
Essentials, I tell you 😉


Kimono : SheIn (gift)
Top : H&M
Jeans : Primark (seen here)
Bag : Zara Kids
Sunnies : Monki (seen here and there)
Necklace : Zara
Jewels : Vintage
Sandals : La Redoute

Photos : Elodie


What about your summer’s essentials, what are they ?! Let me know 🙂
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Hot summer kisses, loves !

xx lily

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