Strawberries & Fresh Mint Salad


Strawberry salad, strawberry soup ?! You tell me !
It’s kind of both and none of it, I choose to call it salad because of the big pieces, but the recipe is interesting thanks to the “soup”. Anyway, what we call it has no importance, the taste prevails !
Every year, as the strawberry season begins, I always want to make this recipe I’ve got from my mom. It’s fresh, really easy to make and you can adapt super easily depending on how many people will eat ! It usually makes everyone happy, except for my father-in-law- who loves everything but strawberries, God knows why ! But you do love them, right ?! 😉
So there you go for the recipe !

For 2 people (big eaters) :

– 200gr of strawberries
– 1/2 lemon
– 4  tbs cane syrup
– 1 tbs caster sugar
– A few branches of fresh mint

Rinse the strawberries with clear water, while holding them by the stalk to avoid spoiling them.
Cut them up in pieces, remove the stalk and place them in a container.
Immediately add over the juice of half a lemon, so they won’t spoil and darken.
Rinse the minth leaves, pluck them and add half of them with the strawberries so it will infuse with the juice.
Add 4 tablespoon cane syrup, 1 tablespoon tap water and 1 tablespoon caster suger, to dose according to your liking (see bottom of the page).
Add the rest of the mint leaves above, for a fresh touch.
Let it rest in the fridge for 1 hour.
Enjoy !

salade-de-fraises-menthesalade-de-fraises-menthesalade-de-fraises-mentheDish : Marion Lesage for Monoprix

I personnally have a thing for sugar, so my recipe is quite sugary ! You can reduce the quantities of syrup and sugar proportionally, remove completely the caster sugar dose, or cut the cane syrup with more tap water, it works fine 🙂
I hope you liked the recipe, feel free to tell me what you thought of it if you tried it !!!

xx lily

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    Humm ! Bon appétit !!


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