F*ing Rain.

saloperie de pluie

We are having the worst freaking weather EVER here in France… I actually have never seen such a horrible month of May, it’s been so cold and raining almost everyday and it is just NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE. If it doesn’t stop anytime soon, you are probably going to assist to the death of all French people due to massive depression and lack of sunshine… And I do not wish that to happen…
Besides, non stop rain is a real pain when it comes to life organization : I can’t get my dog out as much as I’d like, it ruins my hair as soon as I wash it, it deprives us all from entire days of Roland Garros matches, and mainly it prevents me to shoot what I need to shoot. Rain has always been my worst pet peeve as a photographer : besides keeping me from goint out as I’d like and dressing up as I’d want, the humidity and very weak light during the few minutes when it doesn’t rain are the worst conditions to take pictures. And don’t even get me started on my appartment, which is usually pretty bright but instantly transforms as a mortuary cave with this kind of weather… So we ended up taking these pictures during a 5 minutes rain break, I decided to go with a sailor outfit to stay in tune with this humid atmosphere…

saloperie de pluie saloperie de pluie demi saloperie de pluie portrait full5 details saloperie de pluie

Top : H&M
Pants : Balsamik*
Watch : Daniel Wellington (seen here)
Hat : Vintage (seen here & there)
Shoes : & Other Stories

Photos : Alban


But oh well, we can’t do much besides hoping really hard that the month of June will be a bit better… And at worst, no one will be able to spot our tears of distress among all this rain…

xx lily

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  1. Charlie Tuesday May 31st, 2016

    Très joli look. La casquette de marin te va à merveille 🙂 Je n’arrive plus du tout à faire de photos pour mon blog non plus, je ne sais plus comment m’habiller et je me paie un rhume carabiné. Vive le printemps 2016 ! Je croise les doigts avec toi pour que ça s’arrête et que le soleil s’installe enfin pour de bon 🙂



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