(Français) St Jean De Luz

st jean de luz fancy lily

I think we all had at one point the irrepressible need to buy something without even knowing why, whether it’s clothes, home decorations, beauty products or basically anything we can noy buy in this dear consumer society of ours.
For instance, let’s take this top I bought a few months ago with “St Jean de Luz” written on it.
Every god damn time I wear it, there’s always someone here going like “Ooooh, St Jean de Luz ! What a lovely city ! I love it, blablabla, just listen to all my childhood memories I made while I was there, and so on…”
And every god damn time, I just answer “Yeah, I heard it’s a lovely place ! But I don’t know, I’ve never been there…”
Complete perplexity.
Why did I buy a top with a big fat red “St Jean de Luz” embroidery, like a moving commercial or a chauvinistic personnal pride, if I NEVER EVER EVER set foot in St Jean De Luz, or in the Basque coast for that matter…
There you go, it’s just irrepressible, you just don’t know why.
I just can’t tell your why, I just find it’s pretty and cool, and the story makes me laugh (yeah I don’t need much), and I think that top would say “Châteauvieux les Fossés” I would still love it !
Good news is, I might go through St Jean de Luz this summer, so I’ll look less stupid next time 😉

st jean de luz fancy lilyst jean de luz top monoprix fancy lily st jean de luz fancy lilyst jean de luz fancy lily st jean de luz montre daniel wellington fancy lily st jean de luz collier verseau fancy lily st jean de luz fancy lily

Top : Monoprix
Pants : Zara (seen here)
Watch : Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury
Necklace : Urban Outfitters Aquarius
Rings : & Other Stories
Sneakers : Converse Chuck Taylor (seen here)

Photos : Alban

st jean de luz converse chuck taylor fancy lily

What about you, do you have these kinds of irrepressible need to buy something you wouldn’t normally buy ?! Love y’all ! <3 xx lily

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  1. Gilberte Monday July 20th, 2015

    Elle est vraiment chouette cette tenue !

  2. deltreylicious Tuesday July 21st, 2015

    Très sympa le top !


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