Sweater Love Story.

sweat love story

I guess you’re starting to know me a bit : marine themed pieces are my all time favorites.
So, I also guess you can imagine how crazy I got when I stumbled upon this awesome sweater on Petit Bateau Instagram account a few months ago… But at that time, I was trying to be serious with my expenses, and my dressing was overflowed, so the good girl I was did not buy it then.
I’m pretty sure you do that too sometimes. Like you’re trying to resist really hard to something you really like and it ends up haunting you for months. If the piece ever gets sold out, it’s almost like you have to grieve for a while and all. Anyway, I hope I’m not the only one !
But on this case, I was lucky : the sweater stayed in store and on the website.
So, by Christmas, around the time I made my little wishlist, I just put it there very innocently and let things go by themselves. The thing is I got completely over-spoiled (see my Xmas haul) and that I got almost everything that was on my wishlist, except for that sweater.
I did not take this as a sign and ended up buying it for myself. Since then, I’ve been wearing it almost all day everyday. That’s the good thing about resisting sometimes, it’s the best way to confirm or infirm your crush. It’s also a risk you have to take, but when it does pay off, it’s the best feeling 🙂

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Coat : Sud Express
Sweater : Petit Bateau (soldé à -50%)
Jeans : Primark
Bag : Primark
Cap : Vintage (seen here & there)
Socks : H&M
Boots : Choies (seen here)

Photos : Elodie


By the way, can you believe me if I say it was completely unexpected for me to shoot this outfit here on the docks when I got out with this outfit ?! And yet it was ! As luck would have it ! Love to you all !

xx lily

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. Lisa Tuesday January 19th, 2016

    These pictures were so perfect!Love your look and all your photos!

  2. Madame Maurice Tuesday January 19th, 2016

    Ton sweat est terriblement cool ! 🙂

    Madame Maurice


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