10 Facts About Joey.


A very special post today since I’ll be introducing you to my lovely Joey boy in due form with 10 facts about him !
Well yes, my dog is a big part of my life, he’s almost always by my side, I get quite a lot of questions about him and it’s a subject I want to develop around here : advices, tricks and tips, accessories selections, all these little things I went looking for when I adopted my puppy and I felt like sharing with the lucky dog owners !
And even if you don’t own any dog and are not planning on getting one, you still see Joey every week around here, he is very present on my  Instagram (find all his pics on #joeythesheltie) and it’s been over a year since he’s been in my life and my heart ! I’ve learnt to know him and got lots of funny archives about this little fluff ball and I wanted to share them with you, hoping it’ll make you laugh as much as it makes me laugh !
And I thought of you none-french readers this time, you can find all the facts written right under so you can understand it all, with a few bonus pictures !!!!

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