Like a boy.

comme un garçon

Short hair, boyfriend jeans and extra loose shirt, I decided to do things like a boy.
Actually, I’ve always envied boys. They don’t need to get up extra early to look tolerable while going out to buy some bread, they don’t have massive hair crisis every 3 days, they don’t need to wear 5 inches heels and uncomfortable clothes to look like something, they don’t need to wax or put on nail polish, they don’t wish they could die and take mother nature to the grave with them every single fucking month, to name but a few…
And then I took a step back. What’s even better when you’re a girl, is that if you let go a bit, you can totally act like a boy, while still doing our girly girl things. You can be either, or find the right way to balance it. Like putting on nail polish on your toe nails in an orange blossom scented bubble baths while drinking a fresh beer and eating saucisson to a background of Metallica music. A girl who does that is legitimate. A boy who does that is far less legitimate !
So I figured out being a girl wasn’t so bad after all !

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