White Sleepless Night with Boohoo.


At the beginning of the month, I got invited by Boohoo.com to create an outfit that was themed after the Parisian event La Nuit Blanche, a night where various artists expose throughout the streets of Paris. In French, “nuit blanche” means “sleepless night”, but you could litterally translate it to “white night”.
I love these kind of challenges, so I had to say yes right away. I really wanted to play along and decided to go for a completely white outfit, to echo the light that will obviously be a big part of this night.
I’m used to wearing white, so was not that “scary” if I may say, but when you go for a total look, it’s always a bit more difficult not to go wrong, especially because I wanted an outfit that could be worn both during the day and at night.
I went for large and flowing pants, with a rather casual cut but very chic thanks to its pure white color; and added a knitted cape on top that I found really fashionable with its thick turtleneck. Regarding the accessorties, I wanted to take different colors to shade the outfit, while keeping them really really light to stay in my white theme, and went for fringed pieces so they could match !

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