My Special Birthday Wishlist.

We are barely recovering from all the flow of new things we got at Christmas and during winter sales but I’m back at the wishlist thing once again, but this time it’s for my upcoming birthday ! I’ll be celebrating my 23rd birthday on February 9th and as usual, my family keeps asking me what I’d like. It worked so well this Christmas that I thought I would just do that again and share it with you for some inspo ! 🙂

This year I mainly want new shoes and some home decor ! Shoes are an obvious gift for me, it’s always been my passion and there haven’t been a wishlist without any shoes on it since I’ve started making them, it’s good because I can’t always buy myself all the shoes I’d like so I do enjoy my family’s generosity on this ! Then I must admit I do love getting home decor for my birthday because when you live with your boyfriend you sometimes have to give up on all the kitsch and girly thing you’d like to put up in your place, but when it’s a gift, you can totally make it acceptable : WHAT ?! You don’t like that lightbox honey ?! But it’s a gift from my granny, we HAVE TO keep it in the place and put it in a very special place of the house, see honey ?!”… It’s harder to do on Christmas because there’s so many gifts for everyone people tend to forget but a birthday is the best way to sneak things into your place !

Here it is guys !

wishlist anniversaire

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

(Français) Ma Wishlist de Noël.

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !