The other day I was telling you about my long quest for the perfect poncho that drove me to Primark on the first day of winter sales… I litterally blew a fuse there but at least I got out of there with my precious poncho that I’d been looking for almost everywhere…
And then 3 days after I unexpectedly poped out at Zara and stumbled upon this poncho, that ended up being pretty close to the Primark one with the colors. But it was like 50% off and looking like a true piece from the 70s that I love so much so I could not resist. In the end, this one looks way more to what I had in mind, the Primark one being more of a cape than an actual poncho (I don’t reject it though, and it was so hard getting my hands on it I’m certainly not going to spit on it !)
All of this to tell you that in 3 days time, my quest for the perfect poncho that took me at least 6 months ended up getting me from 0 to 2 ponchos. And I feel so great about that !

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

French Fries, Coke & Python.

frites, coca & python

When you’re a fashion blogger and you buy a short sleeved top when it’s barely 2 degrees outside, you pretty much sentence yourself to taking one of these three options :
a. Catching the worst cold of the century
b. Organize an inside shooting
c. Waiting for the temperature to reach 15 degrees or more

It’s a hard knock life being a fashion blogger.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, I already caught not one but TWO monstruous colds within like a month an a half, while keeping 3 layers of clothes on me, so option a. was absolutely not viable.
As for taking on option c., in France in 2016 it’s pretty much the same as playing russian roulette : it can happen in 4 days or in 5 months so it’s taking a serious risk of not being up to date. And this is something you cannot allow yourself when you’re a fashion blogger.
So the only option left was option b., being the inside shooting. Now, I usually don’t like this option too much, regarding the fact that the light is usually not too good and the whole streetstyle concept of the fashion blog should probably include some kind of street somehow somewhere.
BUT HERE, I had pretty much the best of all excuses : french fries.

What, a t-shirt with a quote about french fries in a photoshoot WITH french fries ?! Can you sense the creativity in this ?! It’s pure genius ! No need for stylistics lunacies with such an amazing concept (feel the irony there please) : basic blue jeans and a pair of python booties to twist it all up a bit and to keep my professionnal fashion blogger status, some french fries (it’s the key) & a coke (to complete the styling) and you have all the ingredients to make an article that kinda still makes sense !

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Feel the Breeze.

vive le vent

Do you sometimes wonder what is the worst thing Mother Nature ever gave us ?! Well, I did and I’ve got an answer for you : Wind. There is nothing worse than wind.
The rain, the clouds, the snow, the heat, even the cold, I can get by, it has it’s avantages…
But the wind… please, try and find something positive about that ! Because I can’t !
It gives you crappy heavy colds, it defrizzes your fringes and sticks your brasilian hair straightening to your lip gloss, it makes you run after your flying hat across the street, it gets your skirt up like freaking Marilyn Monroe and it would even make a nice weather look completely crappy…
So yeah, I do think wind is the worst thing like ever, EVER.
I’m telling you this because I shot these pictures on a VERY windy day and I basically spent more time running after my hat, getting my curls to look like something and waiting for it to settle so I can just take one good shot of the outfit ! Hell on Earth ! By the way, there are soooo much blooper pictures from this photoshoot, I’ll have to show you one day, but not now because I feel too frustrated by the still ongoing wind right now.  In the meantime, here are the pictures that kind of looked like something worth showing, so enjoy 😉

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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