Trouville sur Hyères.

Trouville sur Hyères

Disclaimer : Let’s all pretend I did not shoot a top with “Trouville sur Mer” written on it in Hyères Les Palmiers ! Let’s just focus on the beautiful view over the sea, will you ?!

It’s funny though, because right after Paris, the city where I spent my whole life and that I love the most, my two favorites cities are the  norman Trouville and the provencal Hyères. For me, these cities perfectly represent the spirit of vacations, of discovering new things and places, strolling around the markets on the harbours and walking in the sea at sunset…
I’ve spent almost all of my summers in the Hyères area, I know the old town quite well and it’s basically a place I must visit every single time I come in the South. I feel the need to do those small things that makes me happy like buying olives from the small grocery shop in rue Massillon, visiting the typical provencal souvenirs shop in rue Portalet, looking at the starry ceiling of the passage from the Saint Paul collegiate church and at all those little details on the pretty houses in the climbing streets; and taking the car to go to the harbour La Gavine and eat fresh fish before taking a swim in the sea in front of the private villas from La Plage. I’ve been coming to Hyères for 20 years, but I always discover new things, and I’m always just plain happy to lose myself in the tiniest alleys, I just hope I’ll do that for as long as possible…
Trouville is a much more recent discovery to me, but it’s very dear to my heart because I discovered the city during our first weekend away with my boyfriend, and we’ve been coming back there whenever we can. I just love looking at all those luxurious houses on the seaside that are typical from the region and each one is more beautiful than the next, or looking around the city to find lost coves that are difficult to access and where it’ll be less crowded, watching lucky horseback riders enjoying the sunset while galloping away. What I love the most is actually going to the old harbour in Honfleur where I could just stay and watch there for hours, I just feel fascinated by this timeless place. Even though I’ve discovered this region only three years ago, it instantly got engraved in my heart and where I always go back to with the happiest feelings.

I really wanted to shoot that top in Hyères’ harbour, I knew it would make all of my happy memories come back and that I’d be able to share them with you in the best possible manner, I’m sure that if you know one of these cities you will know exactly what I’m talking about !

Trouville sur HyèresTrouville sur Hyères Trouville sur HyèresTrouville sur Hyères Trouville sur Hyères Trouville sur HyèresTrouville sur Hyères Trouville sur Hyères Trouville sur Hyères

Top : Petit Bateau X Konbini
Skirt : Mango
Sunnies : L’Usine à Lunettes (seen here)
Sneakers : Converse Chuck Taylor (seen here & there)

Photos : Alban

Trouville sur Hyères

Do you guys know any of these two cities ?! And what are your favorite cities, those where you know you’ll always come back to with a smile ?! I’m curious and wish to discover many more places, so please do tell me all about it !

xx lily

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  1. deltreylicious Monday August 17th, 2015

    Joli look !

  2. Madame Maurice Monday August 17th, 2015

    J’adore cette série de T-shirt Petit Bateau !

    Madame Maurice

  3. Le Blog de Sienna Lou Monday August 17th, 2015

    hihi, mais c’est chez moi ça!!! J’adore cette ville! C’est pas que je sois chauvine mais juste que je l’ai toujours adoré!bisous

  4. Sarah Monday August 17th, 2015

    J’ai craqué également pour cette collection de T shirt de chez petit Bateau… Pour ma part, j’ai pris le modèle Carnac pour me rappeler ma Bretagne chérie… Très jolies photos!

  5. Enmodebonheur Sunday August 30th, 2015

    Une belle tenue de vacances, bien significative ! La collab Petit Bateau est vraiment chouette.
    Je ne connais pas Trouville mais je connais bien Hyères où je vais assez régulièrement, le temps d’une journée, d’un après-midi.
    J’y découvre toujours de nouveaux endroits, côté mer et c’est toujours un plaisir ! La seule période de l’année où je vais dans la vieille ville est le festival de la Mode et c’est toujours un plaisir !



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