A Day at the Foire de Chatou.

foire de chatou

You might know it by now, I’m an experienced antique hunter since I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years now. Almost all of my weekends include a nice little tour in a random flea market, so my flat is filled with amazing objects I found in various markets.
I just love to stroll around, even if I can’t find anything to buy, at least I would have had a nice walk, discovered some pretty cool objects and met some nice people.

And if there’s one that I won’t ever miss, it’s definetely the Foire de Chatou, which I already told you about in this home decor hall. I promised you an article about the fair on my Instagram last saturday so, here it is 🙂
As a point of interest, the Foire de Chatou has been existing since the 70s, and takes place twice a year during April and September, on the Ile des Impressionnistes in Chatou, 20 minutes away from Paris by car (but also reachable by public transportation !). The place is really nice (it’s not called “Ile des Impressionnistes” for nothing, it was the place where painters used to meet in the XIXe century to paint the banks of the Seine and the lovely sunsets) and the fair is absolutely huge : it welcomes about 500 exhibitors on almost 4 hectares ! With that, you’re sure to make some nice discoveries !

What I love the most about the Foire de Chatou, is that there’s absolutely everything you need right over there. The stalls are various, you’ll find real antiques, jewels, paintings, furnitures of every styles, lots of various curiosities (what I love the most), so you’re pretty sure you’ll find something you like no matter what. There’s also a few “restaurants” with products from the land, and stalls where you can buy ham, cheese, sausage and lots of delicious food brought by all kinds of artisans from all corners of France. You will also find an auctioneer that will be able to give you the value of every objects you already own or want to buy and help you decide what to do !
The island becomes a huge parking lot for the duration of the fair (10 days) so you can park anywhere, and there’s a small train that does the circuit to avoid people that are parked too far from the fair to walk, and there’s also a valet service ! So yeah, basically you’ll have everything you need to spend a lovely afternoon and discover all the wonders exposed there, and maybe even bring something home with you !

Just so you know, the entrance of the Foire de Chatou is 6€ per person (free for people age 15 or less), and is open from 10am to 7pm. We always try to see every aisle but not necessarily stop on every stall and it usually takes us 5 hours, so you have to count a full afternoon if you want to enjoy it all.
The dogs are authorized, there’s a lot of them there, you just need to be careful because there’s not many places where they can actually pee, and the exhibitors are not particularly fond of dogs peeing on their precious furnitures… Just hold them tight 🙂

This year, the Foire de Chatou is open until Sunday October 4th, so you still have a few days to enjoy the fair 🙂
I wanted to show you some of all the wonders you can discover over there, so here are the pictures I got to take there thanks to all the lovely exhibitors who authorized me to photograph their objects.

foire de chatou la bruyere singersaintmedard-casque marcel-the-pug foire de chatou indus babycourse gentil-pharmafoire de chatou atelier-brocante-plante grenier-serebiffe-cartespostales raoulw-lemonderaoulw-lemonde2 random first-plane foire de chatou letters atelier-brocante-etoile-amish atelier-brocante-bateaufoire de chatou dauphins authentique-panneau authentique-cheval-trottinette foire de chatou atelier-brocante-miroirfoire de chatou labruyere exterieur family-room-lanterne atelier-brocante-etagere authentique-porkypig foire de chatou family-room-random gentil-mickey grenier-serebiffe-goldorak igor-the-teckelfamily-room-boiteoutilsgentil-formes labruyere-ballonrandom2 family-room-rouleauxsaintmedard-metal foire de chatou labruyere-fils raoulw-essence2 tendron-thonon foire de chatou saintmedard-telephone labruyere-stand family-room-masonjarfoire de chatou ile-impressioniste

Again, I would like to thank Florence from the Broc de la Bruyère, Nathalie from Family Room, L’Atelier Brocante, Sacha from Grenier se Rebiffe, Authentique, Le Grenier Saint Medard, Indus Factory, Raoul W & Yannick Tendron that were kind enough to let me photograph their beautiful pieces.
Please, don’t forget to ask before you photograph things at these kind of fair and flea markets. These people work extremely hard to find those objects and usually don’t like people photographing their stuff, but if you ask nicely, you’ll usually get the right to do so 🙂

If by any chance, you are interested by one of the objects on the pictures, feel free to ask me for the contact details of the seller ! 🙂

xx lily

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  1. lily Friday October 2nd, 2015

    Un magnifique reportage photo <3

  2. Tamara Monday December 7th, 2015

    Love your post and have been following your blog for a long time.


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