Ankles out, light jacket on my shoulders and sunnies on my nose : I guess we can definetely say that summer is coming ! And it was high freaking time ! I was really starting to miss light and cool outfits… I’m the kind of gal that gets really bored of winter jumper really fast… But let’s not jinx it though… That’s probably why I decided to start easy with an almost all black outfit, even though I really love clear or white outfits in the summer ! My Voyou (means “bandit” in French) t-shirt, always very successful and my new favorite pants with its perfect cut, my favorite Zara jacket and its gorgeous color and last but no least, my new perfect derbies from… Balsamik ! Yet again ! But if you’re looking for pretty little shoes in that style, I would defintely recommand them : they’re extra light, super comfy (even for a girl who always heart when not wearing sneakers…), and their classic style is perfectly twisted by their white sole !

voyou voyou voyou voyou voyou pantalon choies voyou voyou

Jacket : Zara
T-Shirt : Edma
Pants : Choies*
Sunnies : River Island
Shoes : Balsamik*

Photos : Alban

derbies balsamik

Will be back with an even more springish outfit here, or at least let’s hope on that ! See ya loves !

xx lily

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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