XMAS DIY | 2 Mini Trees For Holidays Home Decor !

After last week’s mural xmas trees here’s my new Christmas Do It Yourself video where I show you how to create two mini trees to decorate your homes and holiday tables !
The second one is a bit more tricky than the first, but they’re both cute and adaptable for all kind of taste and interiors ! 🙂

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Regarding the materials used there, you can find everything at the craft store, this is where I found all of mine 🙂
For the woolen trees, I would highly recommand using thick fluffy wool like I use in the video. If you can’t find any and only have thin wool, add a few layers when you roll your wool so your trees won’t look too bony ! Also, choose your wire not too thick so you’ll be able to twist it way more easily, try to bend it with your fingers when buying it, if it bends easily then you’re okay 🙂
Pour the rope trees, they’re more complicated to obtain. The more you make them dry out, the more it will hold when you remove them from the styrofoam shapes, so don’t hesitate to let them dry overnight, and don’t spare the glue, you cannot put too much of it ! Be really careful when removing the plastic wrap, because it’s not something easy to do. A tip for you : add some tape above the plastic wrap, it will stick less.

Feel free to share your creations using #FancyLilyXmasDIY, I’d be so thrilled to see your mini trees !
Next week will still be all about Xmas and Holidays so be sure to come around here and check out all this !!!

xx lily

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