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You know that my dog is my everything. There’s nothing too good for him, actually I could totally say that I’m more careful with him that I am with me ! Sometimes, I wonder if it’s even possible to love something or someone more than I love that little fluff ball… Yeah, really !
So, basically you can figure out that when I heard about the WoufBox, I felt it was the best idea ever and wanted to try it really bad ! For me who’s always looking for new and funky things to make Joey’s days even better, I thought I really couldn’t find anything better !
But what is this WoufBox thing ?! Well, besides the fact that it’s made exclusively for our little furry friends (there’s also a MiaouBox, for kitties), it’s basically the exact same concept as all of this beauty, food or deco boxes : You fill in your pet’s profile (name, age, size, breed and hairtype), you choose a subscription option (monthly, 3, 6 or 12 months) and there you go, your doggy will receive a new box each months, filled with treats & toys, accessories and care products (between 5 and 6 products per box). You’ll be sure to make your pet the happiest member of your family !!!
So yeah, when WoufBox offered me to try the box from August, I was so ecstatic for my boy ! I can definetely tell you that when I received the box, Joey instantly know that it was for him, you should have seen how he was jumping to reach the box !!! So here are our thoughts on this August box !

Duvo+ “Doggie Biscuit” toy

First piece of this box and first good surprise is this rubber toy ! Joey really loves all kinds of toys, and I do too (probably my super childish self talking) : I buy hime a lot, because I can’t resist a cute or funny toy, and he sure enjoys it… he destroys pretty much every single one of them !!! It’s really hard to find him a toy that will stay in one piece for over an hour… And this one, well, it’s both cute (I really HATE ugly toys, knowing that they’re always lying around the house, it’s better if it’s cute… and this one really is, I could eat it !) and pretty strong, considering the fact that it took Joey two full days before destroying it (usually, it’s done in less than 15min), so let’s say I’m pretty thrilled about this one ! Especially when you know that he really chewed on it during these two days, because there’s a “honk” inside, which drives him crazy (me too, but not for the same reason though…) ! Would definetely recommend for dogs that loves to chew and destroy everything !


Friskies (Purina) “Hobby Times” chewing bones

As you probably know, Joey lives for food, and he likes to destroy and chew on things, so chewing bones are pretty much my life savers, and disappear pretty quick around here ! We never have enough ! So it was pretty great to find some in the box ! There are two of them in the pack, they’re the perfect size for Mr Joe and they seem pretty hard to chew, so it’s really great ! I usually don’t give supermarket brands to my dog for ingredients reason, but as long as it’s not dry food, I’m not gonna say anything about this !


Georplast Green Retractable Bowl

This makes the WoufBox all the more better ! I already have a retractable bowl, but I just keep telling everyone that it’s the best buy I ever made for Joey, so I’m really glad to find one in this box ! But what is a retractable bowl, you ask me ?! Well, it’s simply a rubber bowl that you can “fold” to make it flat, making it extra easy to carry everywhere with you to water your dog ! There’s even holes to fix it to your belt or bag during a long walk, it’s absolutely perfect. You can also use it as a backup bowl when you’re away with your dog ! I consider this a must-have for every good dog owner, and I’m really glad to have found another one there !

Pet Brands“Choco-Holic Bar” treat

Yes, we know : chocolate and dogs are NOT friends. But don’t panic, this here is only fake chocolate made of natural ingredients, without cocoa, without cafeine and without artificial flavours or colorings. I must admit, I did heard about this fake chocolate but I wasn’t going to try it out. I carefully read the pack and actually felt reassured so I thought it was the occasion to try ! Verdict : Joey LOVES it… he was very surprised at first but quickly became addicted !! It’s written that it’s okay for human intake, but I do admit I didn’t try 😉


GoodBoy (Armitage) “Puppy Fun” soft toy

Let’s start things clear : this is not a very cute toy, and you know that this is something I dislike. BUT, when I find a soft toy that can resist Joey’s teeth for over two hours straight, then I just don’t care about the looks anymore ! He stil managed to pull out a thread and he started tearing up the hears, but seriously, it’s not that bad considering what he did to some toys that was supposed to be stronger than basic soft toy ! Plus, I find it great because it’s really stimulating for the dog : there’s colors, textures (fur), a “honk” inside the head, knotted pieces he can pull, a hoop body. Everything a dog needs to have fun !


GoodBoy (Armitage) “Beef Bites” treats

Last piece of this almost perfect box are those tiny treats made out of 58% natural beef. They’re tiny and soft so adapted for both old and young dogs and they only have 2,5% fat. The smell is strong (it works great on Joey) and really appetizing (at least for dogs), so it’s perfect to reward your dog during his learning process and exercises (we’ll talk about this another day, but I always reward Joey with this kind of treats, that’s how he learned everything he knows). And what’s more is that the pack is reseallable to keep it all fresh, and this is something more brands should consider !!!


And there you go with the full content of this August WoufBox, I’m really happy about it, there was no deceiving products inside ! You can find the content of previous boxes on WouBox website, so you’ll have an idea what’s to come. To be honnest, I wasn’t 100% “happy” (although I did not try) about the previous contents (there was always a product I did not need or like), so I’m all the more happy about this one that is really perfect !
Anyway, I know that if I ever receive things I don’t need or already have in a future box, I won’t hesitate to give it all to an association near me ! By the way, for every box you buy, WoufBox and MiaouBox are giving a percentage to animal protection associations. So you make your pet happy, and do some good too ! What’s not too like !

Just so yoy know, the box also contains a small magazine featuring full description of the products and a few good advices for owners who always wish to make their dog happier 🙂

You should also know that, like in most boxes, the content can vary slightly : some received differents toys and treats, for instance a knotted cord instead of the soft toy or cereal free cereals from Hill’s Science Plan (that I would have loved to try !!) instead of beef bites, it all depends on your doggy’s profile !!

You can use code AMBYANTS to try your first WoufBox with a 25% discount 🙂

xx lily

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  1. deltreylicious Thursday August 27th, 2015

    Sympa cette box !

  2. Sarah Thursday August 27th, 2015

    Je ne sais pas si je retesterais. J’ai abonné mon Gus à cette box pendant 3mois et puis après uniquement pour Noel et son anniversaire (oui, moi aussi je suis gaga de mon chien!!) et vers la fin j’ai complètement arrêté. Les jouets ne lui convenaient pas (en moins de 10mn il les détruisaient!) je pouvais également me retrouver avec des paquets de croquettes pour Yorkshire (alors que j’ai un beauceron croisé berger australien!). En tout cas, tes photos sont très belles et ta revue très complète!

  3. lily Thursday August 27th, 2015

    Ton chien est magnifique et j’adore cette box (que je reçois parfois gratuitement mais comme toi, je reste sincère ^^)


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